About us

Our Vision

To fast track students career to success by equiping students with the seed of right relevant knowledge and by connecting them to global enterprises

Our Mission


Bebit exists to create the right kinds, quality, and quantities of skilled employees in professions that are in demand and can support a decent standard of living.


The bebit model of education focuses on launching and advancing careers, on the broad availability of its programs, and on the relevance of education and training for marketplace

Our Philosopy


The word beBIT as it is pronounced in the same way as bibit in Indonesian has the literal meaning.


In the Bible it is written if we plant the good seed then it will bear good fruits.


Whether the fruits will good or otherwise, greatly depends on the seed we plant.


The good intention as to enable off-springs (students, new seeds), to empower them so that they will become valuable assets in the society with the new skills of computer programming and subsequently improve their standard of living by the ability to reach greater accessibility in the continuously growing IT industry.


The be is to become, BIT is Business Information Technology.


So beBIT is be Business Information Technology or become Business Information Technology.


The e as in the logo is to notify that it is electronic or may also be translated IT world.


The blue color covering the circle of the letter e, represent the color of water


The yellow color of the letter e, represent the color of the sun.


Because without water and the sun the seed may not grow.


So for beBIT to be abadi ( to continue to grow ) and sempurna ( perfect and strong ) it must contain the element of the water and the sun.