Our Partner

  • Mahoni.com

    Mahoni.com is a Mobile Application Developer company from Indonesia that has been built since 2009. At early begin, we only use a single platform for their application, which was iOS from Apple, Inc. In times, by the increasing of technology and market, Mahoni.com is now running for three platforms: iOS, Android and Windows.

    Mahoni.com is confident to be called as a leading mobile applications development company in Indonesia, for they admit that their services in mobile application development is consulting and full of creative innovate. This is become the main important thing for mobile application development company and Mahoni.com is growth in this industry to deliver something valuable and help the artists and those who are willing to accommodate their skill into something that can be sold out.

  • Jatis Solution

    As a leading e-solutions provider, PT Jati Piranti Solusindo(Jatis Solutions)provides Enterprise Application Integration as well as Professional Services complemented by consulting delivery and third party partner product to rapidly deploy technology services to the customers. Founded in 1997 currently Jatis Solutions is part of Indivara Group holding company.

    In Indonesia and South East Asia, Jatis Solutions has earned the trusts from both domestic and international customers of world-caliber reputation and historic stature.

  • Jatis Mobile

    PT Informasi Teknologi Indonesia(Jatis Mobile)was established in 2003 in order to answer the challenge of the significant growth of mobile solutions demand in across industries and since 2014 Jatis Mobile become a member of Indivara Group Company. Our mobile solutions covers various business process which could enable companies to have an easier way to manage their daily operations.

    Our business covers various industries, those industries are financial services, retail distribusions, consumer goods, transportations, automotive, merchant business adn telecommunication industries we also have a good partnership with major bank along with their products such as credit card, debit, card, retail banking. Our company developing application across platforms, iOS, BlackBerry, Android, BREW, Windows Phone, Symbian, adn others. In addition to that, we have been in partnership with all telecom operators in Indonesia both CDMA and GSM.

  • Jatis Singapore

    Firium Solutions (Asia-Pacific) Pte Ltd., was established in 1999 to fulfill the demand for integrated e-business solutions to financial services, retail and distribution and telecommunications industries in Asia Pacific. Firium is the global distributor for Avantrade, the market proven Wealth Management Software solutions. With deep experience in the financial service industry, Firium also provides customized software solutions.

  • Jatis Malaysia

    Jatis Malaysiawas established in 2011 as part of the Indivara Group of Company.  Jatis Malaysia core competency is in the implementation of enterprise wide software applications and provision of IT professional services. The local team has a good combination of highly- experienced personnels and young and innovative minds that constantly provide services and products that meet, if not exceed, the industry standard.

    Our key customers are from the financial industry, with some well-established local and also international bank, insurance and fund management company choosing us as their trusted IT solution partner.

  • Pactera Jatis Indonesia

    Pactera Jatis Indonesia (PJI) was established in 2014 as a joint venture between Jatis Group (member of Indivara Group) and Pactera Technology Ltd., one of the largest IT company in Asia. PJI is established as a complimentary to the consulting business, offering IT professional capabilities to our clients, ranges from IT services, managed service, talent acquisitions, application testing and Software Factory. Since the first year, PJI has been delivering world-class IT services to clients in South East Asia, Japan and ANZ region.

  • Jatis Thailand

    Jatis Imagineering Thailand Ltd.,(JIT)was established in October 2015 to capture the untapped huge potential market in Thailand and Indo China for information technology. JIT is a subsidiary company of Firium Asia Pacific.

  • Mercu Buana University

    Mercu Buana University (UMB, or Universitas Mercu Buana) is a private university located in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was established on October 22, 1985. Its main campus – Campus A – is located in Meruya, West Jakarta while Campus B is in Menteng, Campus C in Depok and Campus D in Bekasi. UMB is organized into a number of schools and colleges, each with a different dean and organization.